Sink Clogging
Sink Clogging

Typical Practices & Reasons for Sink Clogging

Having a clog in sinks is an irritating situation. Clogging is the main reason when people have to call a plumber whether it is your kitchen sink clog, bathtub drain clog, or toilet clog. A clogged sink needs immediate repair otherwise it can create a smell and a grubby kitchen or bathroom. These clogs may occur due to imperfect pipe fittings mostly. If you are constructing a new property then plumbing estimating services can protect you from all plumbing-related issues. Because every time calling a plumber can be time-consuming because plumbers are not always free. And secondly, it costs a lot of your money.

Can you plunge a clogged sink?

When someone sees still water in his sink then he might think about plunging it with a plunger. This is an initial practice and in most cases, you can successfully unclog the sink with a plunger. If you do not know how to use a plunger then follow the below simple steps:

  • Arrange any kind of plunger, it may be a flat-bottom plunger.
  • Now, remove all the standing water from the sink.
  • Add hot water to the sink.
  • Make a hole in the drain.
  • Now, place the plunger on to the drain and start pumping slowly.
  • After 10-15 seconds, remove the plunger and observe if the water could drain.
  • If water flows freely from the drain, let it drain otherwise repeat the process until the water can drain easily.

If this method could not help you then you should adopt another unclogging method.

How baking soda & vinegar can unclog a sink?

Vinegar and baking soda are items used in almost every kitchen. These chemicals have some ability to crumble the wastage standing in the drainage pipe and thus unclog your sink. But be careful while dealing with these chemicals. Follow the below steps to do it carefully.

  • Remove the standing water in the sink container take one tea cup of baking soda and pour it on the drain.
  • Now pour the same quantity of vinegar and cover the drain area.
  • Now let these chemicals dissolve and leave it for ten minutes.
  • Now pour boiling water onto the drain and repeat the practice until the removal of clogs.

Can you use a Plumber’s Snake at home?

In case of difficult clogs, that cannot be loosened with a plunger or baking soda technique, a plumber’s snake can be used. A plumber snake is a flexible auger that can easily unclog the drain. There is no difficult procedure to use a plumber’s snake. Follow below simple steps below:

  • Insert the plumber snake into your drain opening.
  • Crank the handle if you observe any obstruction.
  • Pull the debris out of the drains and keep on cranking until all the debris is removed.
  • Now, sense that there is no debris left behind and the snake can go down the pipe.

If the sink cannot be unclogged then call professional plumbers. Remember, clogging is a frequently occurring issue. Seeking plumbing services can cost a lot. Therefore it is recommended perfect plumbing and mechanical fittings in your building at the time of construction. There are various  MEP estimating servicesproviding companies in the United States. Because expert estimators can estimate well about all the mechanical and plumbing systems in your house.

Reasons of Clogging

Plumbing clog is a common issue in every house. The important thing is that a clog is occurred in what we allow to go down the drain. By acknowledging the most common reasons of clogging, you can avoid clogging and also save money.

Common reasons for clogging:

  • Food Scrapes
  • Soap pieces
  • Hair
  • Mineral Deposits
  • Fats & Oils
  • Grease


Drainage pipes are almost in every building where there are kitchens and bathrooms. Clogging is a factor that can be irritating and inconvenient. Clogging is not only a troublesome scenario, it can cause corrosion in your beautiful kitchen or luxury bathroom and sometimes it can create sewage which is a very embarrassing moment especially when you have guests in your house. This can happen even with proper repair from professional plumbers. All the piping systems in your home should be properly fitted.  Sometimes clogging may happen due to any other mechanical fitting errors. Mechanical estimating servicescan help with all kinds of possible problems. Professional estimators evaluate the whole mechanical project and provide authentic labor outsourcing who can professionally perform all plumbing fittings and research the qualified materials for the best project planning.

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