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The Best Anthology Series to Stream in 2024

Some people can watch a whole season of 10+ episodes in one sitting, and then there are people who can’t even finish a single one-hour episode in one sitting. If you belong to the latter group, an anthology series is certainly more your speed. 

It’s tough to keep up with ongoing stories that span several seasons when you lack the time and patience. The beauty of anthology series is that they feature a new story in every episode, so you don’t have to watch them all in sequence. Therefore, if there is a sufficient gap between streaming two consecutive episodes, it’s totally fine because you don’t have to recall what happened in the last.

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Getting back to anthology shows, it’s awesome that they come in several different genres. Whether you’re craving horror, romance, fantasy, or comedy, you’ll find one to entertain your mood. Here are some of the best anthology series you can stream in 2024:

Top 5 Anthology Series 2024

1. American Horror Stories

2. Love Death + Robots

3. Modern Love

4. What If…?

5. The White Lotus

  1. American Horror Stories

If you’re a big fan of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’sAmerican Horror Story” then you’ll certainly enjoy this spinoff anthology series called American Horror Stories. Every episode features a brand new spine-chilling tale that’s on brand with the original series.

American Horror Stories currently has three seasons released, and each of them has some great standalone episodes. The recurring cast from the original series does make appearances in several stories of this spinoff. Since the episodes are not related to each other, you can simply watch the ones that sound appealing.

From season one, episode four titled The Naughty List, and episode five titled Ba’al are the best plot-wise. From season two, I’d recommend episode one titled Dollhouse, and episode three titled Drive. Season three was released as a Halloween special in 2023 with a total of four epic episodes only. 

  1. Love Death + Robots

Love Death + Robots is an animated anthology series, though the pixel quality is larger than life. The theme of this series alternates between horror, science-fiction, fantasy, and dark comedy; it can also be described as a combination of all those genres.

This anthology series has three fully released seasons and it has been renewed for season four as well. Each episode in the series lasts an average of fifteen minutes, so it won’t take up too much of your time. If you prefer consuming brief content, this is probably the best option on this list. 

Each story is well executed with creative plot twists, superior CGI animation, and modern thriller vibes. Some people call it the next big thing after Black Mirror, but I’ll let you watch for yourself and decide. 

  1. Modern Love

Modern Love is all about contemporary romance and dating, which makes it an anthology rom-com series. Each episode features new characters portraying relatable stories that are bound to make you smile. There’s a lot to keep you entertained from dating app fails and challenges faced by young married couples to falling for a stranger on a train ride and rekindling of old flames. 

This anthology series has two complete seasons that are available to stream on Amazon Prime. All the love stories told feature a great cast; some notable names include Anne Hathaway, Kit Harington, Dev Patel, and Tina Fey

  1. What If…?

Do you ever reimagine Marvel movies with alternate plot twists and endings in your head? If yes, you’ll love What If…? This anthology series brings up a variety of distinguished events within the Marvel universe in every episode, exposing you to a multiverse of infinite possibilities.

I must add that this animated series might not be your cup of tea if you think that all Marvel movies are perfect the way they are and that doing anything differently would destroy the very core and purpose. Bear in mind that the series is meant for sheer entertainment rather than to be taken too seriously.

  1. The White Lotus

This is a dark comedy-drama series that follows the stories of employees and guests at a fictional resort called White Lotus. Each episode features an array of likable characters and a captivating story that will keep you hooked. The staff and travelers are picture-perfect at first glance, but each suffers from a unique psychosocial problem. 

The first season of The White Lotus premiered on HBO in 2021 and received rave reviews from the audience. The producers did not initially intend to continue the series, but another season was released in 2022, owing to the success of the first. The show has been approved for season 3, but the release date is not yet revealed. 

Wrapping Up

Have you watched any of these anthology series? Let me know about your favorites and mention any others that deserve to be on this list. Out of all the ones discussed above, which one do you look forward to watching soon?

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