shamicka gibbs
shamicka gibbs

Who is Shamicka Gibbs? Bio, Age, Height, Career, Net Worth & Children


Meet Shamicka Gibbs, the encapsulation of flexibility and versatility in the domain of American business, TV, and culinary expressions. From her captivating appearance on the reality television show “Hollywood Exes” to her remarkable ventures as a chef and business owner, Shamicka Lawrence, better known by her maiden name Shamicka Gibbs, embodies a spirit of determination and success in everything she does. How about we get into the captivating excursion of this diverse individual who has vanquished media outlets as well as beaten individual deterrents with effortlessness and strength.

Who is Shamicka Gibbs?

Brought into the world on December 21, 1951, in Seattle, Washington, Jacelyn Ann Reeves hailed from a different legacy containing German, English, and Dutch beginnings, supported inside the dynamic limits of her old neighborhood.

Jacelyn had a burning desire to discover new horizons from a young age, a trait that would shape her life.

Fuelled by her adoration for experience, she sought after a vocation as an airline steward, leaving on a satisfying way that permitted her to decipher her energy for movement into a calling.

Jacelyn’s story epitomizes the quest for one’s fantasies and the revelation of euphoria in clever encounters, all while keeping a relentless association with her foundations and family.

Where is Shamicka Gibbs From?

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Shamicka Lawrence grew up with her parents, Ronnie and Susan Gloria. Sadly, her father has passed away. She has two siblings, Gigi and Donnel, with whom she shares a close bond. Shamicka is an American citizen with a diverse ethnic background.

Shamicka Gibbs Age

Shamicka Gibbs was born on November 11, 1975, making her 46 years old as of June 2022. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Shamicka Gibbs Height

She is 5 feet 7 inches (170 centimeters) tall and weighs 130 pounds (59 kilograms). Her features include dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Shamicka Gibbs Career

Shamicka Lawrence is a renowned American entrepreneur, television personality, model, and chef. She established the SS Lawrence Collection LLC and has been the owner of F8th Unit LLC, an entertainment, management, and production company, since November 2012.

In 2018, she founded Massage Envy SPA in the Greater Los Angeles Area, which now boasts ten branches across the United States, including locations in Sherman Oaks, Westlake Village, Valencia, Oxnard, Palmdale, and Thousand Oaks.

As a chef, Shamicka launched two spice companies: Don’t Hurt Cha’ Tongue Baby and Micka’s Pantry.

Shamicka Gibbs Net Worth

Shamicka Lawrence, an American businesswoman and reality television star, has $5 million in savings. She gained endless appreciation from her appearances on the unscripted television show “Hollywood Exes,” which recorded her life during her association with performer and comic Martin Lawrence.

Brought into the world as Shamicka Gibbs in Southern California, she continued on from Leuzinger Auxiliary School in Lawndale, California. Shamicka is well-known for her appearances on reality television, but she also works hard to control her autoimmune disease Lupus by avoiding gluten, regularly exercising, and reducing stress.

Shamicka began dating Martin Lawrence during the 90s. In the middle of the 2000s, the couple moved in together and had two children. After dating for fifteen years, they tied the knot in a private ceremony in 2010 with the help of celebrities like Eddie Murphy and Denzel Washington. Sadly, their marriage completed in isolated from following two years.

Marriage and Personal Life

Shamicka Lawrence is single right now. She was recently hitched to American joke artist and entertainer Martin Lawrence. In the wake of dating starting around 1997, the couple secured the bunch on July 10, 2010, following 15 years of marriage. In any case, they got divorced in April 2012 after only two years of marriage.

Concerning Martin Lawrence, he isn’t hitched at any rate is there of psyche out relationship with Roberta Moradfar. The couple got related on Walk 31, 2017.

Shamicka Gibbs’ Children

She and her former spouse have two daughters together: Iyanna Faith, born on November 9, 2000, and Amara Trinity, born on August 20, 2002. Her ex-husband also has another daughter, Jasmine Page, from his earlier relationship with Patricia Southall.


Shamicka Lawrence, who goes by the name Shamicka Gibbs, is a multifaceted American entrepreneur, model, television personality, and chef. She was born on November 11, 1975, in Los Angeles, California. With a different ethnic foundation and American identity, she earned far reaching respect for her job in the unscripted television series “Hollywood Exes,” which featured her existence with jokester Martin Lawrence. Past her TV profession, Shamicka is a fruitful financial specialist, possessing SS Lawrence Assortment LLC, F8th Unit LLC, and establishing Back rub Jealousy SPA, which has various areas across the US. She likewise wandered into the culinary world with two flavor organizations. Shamicka is committed to managing her autoimmune disease Lupus through a healthy lifestyle, despite her busy professional life. She imparts two little girls to Martin Lawrence, whom she wedded in 2010 and separated in 2012.


Q: When was Shamicka Gibbs born? 

A: Shamicka Gibbs was born on November 11, 1975.

Q: How old is Shamicka Gibbs? 

A: As of June 2022, Shamicka Gibbs is 46 years old.

Q: What is Shamicka Gibbs’ height? 

A: She is 5 feet 7 inches (170 centimeters) tall.

Q: What television show is Shamicka Gibbs known for? 

A: Shamicka Gibbs is known for her appearances on the reality TV show “Hollywood Exes.”

Q: Who was Shamicka Gibbs married to? 

A: Shamicka Gibbs was married to comedian and actor Martin Lawrence.

Q: How many children does Shamicka Gibbs have? 

A: Shamicka Gibbs has two daughters, Iyanna Faith and Amara Trinity, with Martin Lawrence.

Q: What businesses does Shamicka Gibbs own? 

A: She owns SS Lawrence Collection LLC, F8th Unit LLC, and founded Massage Envy SPA, as well as launched two spice companies, Don’t Hurt Cha’ Tongue Baby and Micka’s Pantry.

Q: How does Shamicka Gibbs manage her health condition? 

A: She manages her autoimmune disease Lupus by following a gluten-free diet, exercising regularly, and reducing stress.

Q: Where is Shamicka Gibbs from? 

A: Shamicka Gibbs is from Los Angeles, California.

Q: What are some features of Shamicka Gibbs’ appearance? 

A: She has dark brown hair, brown eyes, stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall, and weighs 130 pounds.

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