matty matheson wife
matty matheson wife

Matty Matheson Wife: Bio, Wiki, Family, Ethnicity, Career, Net Worth & More Details


Meet Trish Spencer, the powerhouse behind Toronto’s vibrant bridal boutique scene. An expert in lifestyle and fashion, Trish brings elegance and flair to every aspect of her work. But beyond her professional prowess lies a remarkable love story intertwined with the culinary world’s enigmatic figure, Matty Matheson. Their journey began in high school, sparked by a sister’s encouragement, leading to a small wedding surrounded by loved ones. Yet, their bond endured a tumultuous test when Matty faced a near-fatal heart attack at 29. Through it all, Trish stood steadfast by his side, anchoring their family of five amidst adventures shared on social media. Join us as we delve into the dynamic union of Trish Spencer and the legendary chef, Matty Matheson.

Matty Matheson Wife

Trish, an American expert in lifestyle and fashion, operates a bridal boutique in Toronto, Canada.

Trish began dating Matty in high school, encouraged by her sister to give him a chance.

The couple has enjoyed a happy marriage since 2014, celebrating with a small wedding attended by family and friends.

Their relationship faced a major challenge when Matty, at 29, nearly died from a heart attack related to substance abuse.

Together, Trish and Matty have three children and often share pictures of their family adventures on social media.

Who is Matty Matheson?

Matty is a chef, restaurateur, actor, and internet personality from Canada who is 42 years old.

Hailing from New Brunswick, Canada, Matty spent his summers working at his granddad’s cafĂ©.

In 2000, he relocated to Toronto to join a cooking program but eventually dropped out to tour as a roadie for his friend’s metal band.

Despite this detour, Matty discovered his knack for butchering meat and soon secured a job at a restaurant.

Nearly two decades ago, Matty started honing his skills in advanced French culinary techniques under Chef Rand Nguyen at a Toronto restaurant.

This marked the beginning of Matty’s rise to fame as a prominent celebrity chef.

In 2006, Matty launched a YouTube channel that now boasts over 1.3 million subscribers, where he shares recipes and culinary tips.

Matty Matheson Biography

Matty Matheson is a legendary culinary virtuoso and a gastronomic force of nature. Brought into the world on the seventh of February, 1986, in the beautiful territory of New Brunswick, Canada, Matheson’s process is one of unrivaled enthusiasm and aptitude. Dig further into the narratives of Matty Matheson’s life, including his age, conjugal status, riches, height, weight, profession direction, familial ties, photos, and account. Figure out essentially all of the enormous achievements and accomplishments in Matty Matheson’s livelihood.

Matty Matheson Wiki

Full NameMatthew James Matheson
Nick NameMatty
Profession NameMatty Matheson
Birthdate7 February 1982
Age40 (As of 2022)
BirthplaceSaint John, New Brunswick
FatherStephen Matheson
MotherJoan Matheson
SisterSarah Matheson
BrothersAdam and Stephen Matheson
KidsMacArthur (2016), Rizzo (2018), Ozzy (2020)
SpouseTrish Spencer
Zodiac SignAquarius
OccupationChef and TV Host

Matty Matheson Family & Ethnicity

Matty hails from a wonderfully close-knit family. He is of White ethnicity. His family comprises his mother, father, and three siblings. His mother, Joan Matheson, worked as a waitress at a local eatery. His father, Stephen Matheson, was an engineer. Matty has two brothers, Adam and Stephen, and a sister named Sarah.

He describes his family as a tight-knit team, highlighting their strong bonds. His grandfather was a restaurateur and a former RCMP officer from Prince Edward Island. He owned and operated The Blue Goose restaurant in DeSable, where Matty spent his summers.

Body Looks and Tattoos

Matheson possesses a robust and striking presence. He looks imposing due to his solid build and tall stature. His body is decorated with various tattoos, particularly on his arms. On February 2, 2017, he added a holy messenger tattoo to his assortment.

Matty’s favorite tattoo is a pendant design around his neck. He got his first tattoo at the age of 17. He has also mentioned his tattoo artist, Jessica Swaffer, who has worked on many of his tattoos.

Matty Matheson Personal Life

Behind the scenes, Matty Matheson is much more than a celebrated chef. His personal journey involves overcoming numerous challenges and striving for balance, which adds depth to his genuine and relatable public image.

Matty Matheson Relationship Status

Matty Matheson was beforehand involved with Trish Spencer, whom he wedded in 2014. Before Trish, he had no other huge connections. They have a wonderful marriage and are enjoying life together.

Several has three kids: MacArthur, brought into the world in 2016; Rizzo, brought into the world in 2018; also, Ozzy, brought into the world in 2020. Matty right now partakes in a satisfying existence with his better half and their three brilliant youngsters.

Matty Matheson Career

Matheson’s professional journey is characterized by a string of triumphs in the culinary realm. His tenure as the executive chef at Parts & Labour garnered him substantial acclaim, firmly establishing his standing within the industry. Beyond his culinary exploits, Matheson has expanded his reach through television appearances and active engagement on social media platforms, fostering connections with a diverse audience.

Matty Matheson Net Worth

Matty Matheson, an eminent Canadian gourmet expert, brags a total assets $2 million. Hailing from New Brunswick, Canada, Matheson improved his culinary abilities at Humber School, where he finished his cook preparing and culinary administration training. Following graduation, he embarked on his culinary journey at Le Select Bistro, swiftly rising to the rank of junior sous chef within three years. In 2007, he ventured to La Palette in Kensington Market before joining forces with Oddfellows and spearheading the launch of the acclaimed venture, Parts and Labour, in Toronto, Canada.

Presently, Matheson holds the esteemed position of executive chef at Parts and Labour. In 2011, he co-founded the Group of 7 Chefs in Toronto, and the following year saw the inception of P&L Catering under his leadership. Furthermore, he established the Northern Union, working with joint effort among gourmet specialists from both the U.S. furthermore, Canada. Matheson is well-known for his strong social media presence. He has appeared in a number of YouTube series and has a personal Instagram following of over 340,000 people.

Social Media Information

As a web character, Matty Matheson appreciates enormous ubiquity via virtual entertainment stages like Instagram and YouTube. On Instagram, he goes by the handle @mattymatheson, bragging a significant following 1.1 million steadfast fans. Through his Instagram account, Matheson shares enamoring posts spinning around food and his undertakings in movement, frequently highlighting his loved ones.

Moreover, Matheson orders a critical presence on YouTube with his channel, suitably named MATTY MATHESON, which brags a great supporter count 1 million. Having joined YouTube on Walk 20, 2006, Matheson transferred his debut video named “Only A Scramble” on September 11, 2019. From that point forward, his channel has gathered a great complete view count surpassing 75.8 million, setting his status as an imposing presence in the computerized domain.


Name: Trish Spencer

Profession: Trish is an American expert in lifestyle and fashion.

Business: She operates a bridal boutique in Toronto, Canada.

Relationship: Trish and Matty began dating in high school.

Marriage: They got married in 2014 in a small wedding attended by family and friends.

Children: The couple has three children together: MacArthur (born in 2016), Rizzo (born in 2018), and Ozzy (born in 2020).

Support: Trish has been supportive of Matty through his career and personal challenges.


Trish Spencer is the wife of Matty Matheson, a renowned Canadian chef, restaurateur, actor, and internet personality. Trish operates a bridal boutique in Toronto, Canada, and is an expert in lifestyle and fashion. She and Matty have been together since high school and got married in 2014. Despite facing challenges, including Matty’s health scare due to substance abuse, they have built a happy family together with three children. Trish’s support has been instrumental in Matty’s career and personal life.


What is Trish Spencer’s profession? 

Trish is an expert in lifestyle and fashion and operates a bridal boutique in Toronto, Canada.

When did Trish and Matty get married? 

Trish and Matty got married in 2014 in a small wedding attended by family and friends.

How many children do Trish and Matty have? 

They have three children together: MacArthur, Rizzo, and Ozzy, born in 2016, 2018, and 2020 respectively.

How did Trish and Matty meet? 

They began dating in high school, encouraged by Trish’s sister to give their relationship a chance.

How has Trish supported Matty through his challenges? 

Trish has been supportive of Matty through his career and personal challenges, including a health scare related to substance abuse.

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