larry hoover net worth
larry hoover net worth

Larry Hoover Net Worth: All Earnings & Income Resources You Want to Needed


Larry Hoover was born on November 30, 1950, and is a former American street gang leader and mobster. He founded the infamous street gang known as the Gangster Disciples, located in Chicago.Hoover is presently incarcerated, serving six life sentences in Colorado’s ADX Florence prison.

Larry Hoover Net Worth

Larry Hoover’s criminal past and subsequent sentence make estimating his net worth challenging. Hoover was convicted of murder even though he is rumored to have amassed a substantial fortune of at least $10 million. His well-known position as the founder and boss of the street gang Gangster Disciples, based in Chicago, probably had a big impact on his financial situation. His illegal firm is thought to have benefited considerably from illicit activities like drug trafficking and extortion.

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However, following his conviction and life sentence in 1997, any further accumulation of wealth was halted. It’s important to note that due to a lack of credible sources, the exact extent of Hoover’s wealth remains speculative. More importantly, his narrative is primarily centered around criminal behavior and its negative impacts, overshadowing discussions about his wealth’s societal implications.

Who Is Larry Hoover?

Larry Hoover’s upbringing took place in Chicago, where he eventually rose to lead the Supreme Gangsters. This group later merged with a rival gang, forming the Black Gangster Disciple Nation. In 1973, Hoover received a 150 to 200-year prison sentence for the murder of a drug dealer. Despite efforts to present himself as reformed, he faced indictment in 1995 for allegedly directing gang operations from behind bars.

Larry Hoover Biography

Larry Hoover, sometimes known as “King Larry,” was born on November 30, 1950, in Jackson, Mississippi. He went to Chicago, Illinois, with his family when he was four years old. At the age of 13, Hoover was already living on the streets when he joined a group of individuals known as the Supreme Gangsters in committing small-time crimes like muggings and thefts.His illegal actions became more severe over time, eventually involving shootings and violent attacks.

As Hoover’s influence within the Supreme Gangsters expanded, he eventually collaborated with rival gang leader David Barksdale to establish the Black Gangster Disciple Nation. Following Barksdale’s injury in a shooting in 1969, Hoover assumed leadership of the Gangster Disciples. Under his direction, the gang seized control of the drug trade in Chicago’s South Side, generating profits exceeding $1,000 daily.

Hoover’s criminal activities persisted even after he was repeatedly arrested and faced many attempts on his life in his early twenties. On February 26, 1973, he and fellow Gangster Disciple Andrew Howard were found guilty of killing dealer William Young. Hoover served his time at the high-security Stateville Correctional Center in Crest Hill, Illinois, after both men were given hefty prison terms.

Hoover’s power only grew within Stateville. He developed a reputation for defending his fellow prisoners, which helped the Gangster Disciples draw in new members. The warden’s office saw Hoover as a stabilizing factor that might stop riots and other disruptions within the prison system because of his influence over the inmate population.

Larry Hoover Wiki

Birth nameLarry Hoover
Nickname(s)King Larry, Prince Larry, The King of Kings, Honorable Chairman
Date of birthNovember 30, 1950
Age70 years old
ProfessionCrime lord
Famous forCommanding criminal activities
Birthplace/hometownJackson, Mississippi, United States
Current residenceUnited States Penitentiary Administrative
EthnicityAfrican American
Zodiac signSagittarius
Height5 feet 9 inches
Weight72 kilograms
Body buildFit
Eye colourBlack
Hair colourBlack
Marital statusIn a relationship
Previous datingBertha Mosby
SpouseWinndye Jenkins
ChildrenLarry Bernard, Larry Hoover Jr., Tyree Hoover, Samaya Hoover
EducationDropped out of school
DegreesGED certificate

Career in Crime

Larry Hoover’s involvement with the Supreme Gangsters grew significantly, eventually leading the group after the previous leader, Alex Rain, passed away. Despite this, it’s important to clarify whether Larry Hoover was affiliated with the Black P Stones. Indeed, he did collaborate with the Black P Stones gang in 1969, albeit briefly, as part of a gang alliance.

By June of that year, Hoover successfully merged forces with another gang, the Black Disciple Nation, under the leadership of David Barksdale. While Barksdale held the title of gang kingpin, Hoover assumed the role of Chairman, effectively becoming second in command.

During his tenure as Chairman, Hoover orchestrated a range of illegal activities including robbery, murder, assault, and drug distribution. Despite facing repeated incarcerations, he seemed unfazed by the consequences of his criminal lifestyle.

However, Hoover’s fortunes took a drastic turn when he ordered the execution of William ‘Pooky’ Young on February 26, 1973. This action led to his arrest and subsequent trial alongside the executioner, Andrew Howard. Both men received lengthy sentences of 150 to 200 years in prison as a result of their actions.

Larry Hoover Achievements

Despite his incarceration, Larry Hoover has remained active in various endeavors. In 1996, he authored a book titled “The Blueprint of Another Concept: From Gangster Disciple to Growth and Development,” where he shares his thoughts and ideas from behind bars. Additionally, his wife, Winndye Jenkins-Hoover, launched the Larry Hoover Project in 2014, advocating for Hoover’s pardon and arguing against his continued imprisonment. She strongly believes that he deserves the opportunity to spend his later years outside prison walls.

But even with these attempts, Hoover’s long criminal history and the seriousness of his crimes make it unlikely that he will be given pardon. He has obviously found it difficult to live the life he wants, being away from his loved ones and community members for a considerable amount of time due to his lengthy prison sentence. Nevertheless, Hoover continues to maintain connections and demonstrate his ability to influence and accomplish tasks, albeit with significant barriers to overcome while incarcerated.

Other Possible Sources of Income

The main sources of Larry Hoover’s riches are his illegal activities, particularly his involvement in the drug trade and his leadership position in the Gangster Disciples.Owing to his extended incarceration and the illicit nature of his earnings, it is difficult to determine the exact worth and present condition of his assets. Despite involvement in initiatives aimed at curbing gang violence and supporting community projects, the bulk of Hoover’s wealth stems from illicit activities.

How Larry Hoover Built His Fortune

After establishing the Gangster Disciples in the 1960s and leading it to become one of the most powerful gangs in America, Larry Hoover’s journey to financial success began. Here’s a thorough examination of how he amassed his fortune:

Gang Leadership: Under Hoover’s direction, the Gangster Disciples were able to spread over several states, so gaining more income and influence.

Engagement in the Drug Trade: Hoover’s engagement in illegal drug sales contributed significantly to his wealth, as these sales are a typical source of income for leaders in organized crime.

Larry Hoover’s influence within the realm of music has significantly contributed to his renown and cultural impact, thereby augmenting his financial status. Several rap artists have referenced him in their lyrical compositions.

Larry Hoover Jr., in a bid to bolster the family’s wealth, delved into a myriad of business sectors, encompassing the realms of fashion, entertainment, and real estate.

Despite accruing an estimated illicit wealth of $10 million, Larry Hoover’s leadership role within the gang and affiliations with the music industry undeniably fueled his economic prosperity. Nonetheless, the ramifications of his unlawful pursuits have cast a shadow over his legacy and fiscal well-being.

Illegal Drug Trade Activities and Financial Gains

Even while incarcerated, Hoover skillfully maintained authority over the gang’s operations. Under his guidance, the gang successfully gained control over a significant portion of Chicago’s drug trade. Hoover actively maintained connections with a wide range of gangs, regardless of their nationality, such as the Latin Eagles, Crazy Latinos, Spanish Gangster Disciples, and Simon City Royals.

Due to his extensive involvement in criminal activities, Larry Hoover was instrumental in gaining money through extortion and other illegal means including drug trafficking. It is crucial to stress that these actions are illegal, which makes it difficult to track down the revenues. Any estimations of the wealth amassed through illegal endeavors remain speculative.

Larry Hoover Goes To Jail

Larry Hoover received a sentence of 200 years to life after a 17-year trial for orchestrating the murder of William “Pokey” Young. The motive behind this tragic event stemmed from Hoover’s realization that Young had been pilfering drugs from his organization. In retaliation, Hoover directed Andrew Howard, a fellow member of the Black Disciples at the time, to abduct and eventually carry out Young’s execution.

The arrests of both Hoover and Howard occurred in March 1973 in connection to the murder. Consequently, Hoover was handed a life imprisonment sentence in November of the same year, underscoring the gravity of his offenses.

Business Ventures and Investments

In addition to his illicit activities, Hoover also delved into lawful business ventures. These endeavors served as a front for money laundering and bolstered his financial position significantly. Real estate holdings, nightclubs, and car dealerships were among the enterprises associated with Hoover. These legitimate investments not only generated income but also helped create an appearance of legitimacy around his dealings.

Is Larry Hoover Married?

Larry Hoover formalized his enduring partnership with Winddye Jenkins-Hoover in 2020, despite facing multiple rejections from the corrections department for marriage privileges. Their relationship dates back to 1968, and despite the hurdles they have encountered, Winddye has remained a steadfast supporter of her husband. She has stood by him through various challenges, advocating for his freedom and coordinating family visits to prison to ensure he stays connected with their loved ones. Winddye’s dedication and resilience in the face of adversity are truly commendable, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to her husband and their family.

Larry Hoover Personal Life

Prince Larry has been in various relationships; however, the most popular female character is his long time girlfriend, Winndye Jenkins. The duo had been together before his incarceration in 1973, but she continues to stand by him.

Larry Hoover Family Life

Larry Hoover, an American criminal and gangster, was married to Bertha Mosby. Together, they had children named Larry Bernard Hoover, Jr. and Tyree Hoover.

Larry Hoover spent his formative years in America. Unfortunately, details about his father and mother remain unknown. Further information about his parents is currently under investigation, and we will update this information as soon as it becomes available.

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Challenging Estimation: Due to his criminal past and life sentence, estimating Larry Hoover’s net worth is difficult.

Rumored Fortune: Hoover is rumored to have amassed a substantial fortune of at least $10 million before his conviction.

Gang Influence: His leadership in the Gangster Disciples, involved in illicit activities like drug trafficking and extortion, likely contributed to his wealth.

Halting Wealth Accumulation: Hoover’s wealth accumulation stopped after his conviction and life sentence in 1997.


Former Gangster Disciples leader Larry Hoover was known for his involvement in illicit operations like as drug trafficking and extortion, which contributed to his rumored net worth of at least $10 million. But his imprisonment prevented him from gaining any more fortune.Despite advocacy efforts, his lengthy criminal history makes a pardon unlikely.


What is Larry Hoover’s estimated net worth? 

Larry Hoover’s net worth is challenging to estimate but is rumored to be at least $10 million before his conviction and life sentence.

What contributed to Larry Hoover’s wealth? 

Hoover’s wealth stemmed from his leadership in the Gangster Disciples, involved in illegal activities like drug trafficking and extortion, which generated significant profits.

Has Larry Hoover’s wealth increased after his conviction? 

No, Hoover’s wealth accumulation halted after his conviction and life sentence in 1997.

Is there any legitimate source of Larry Hoover’s wealth? 

In addition to illegal activities, Hoover also invested in lawful businesses like real estate, nightclubs, and car dealerships, which served as fronts for money laundering.

What is the Larry Hoover Project? 

The Larry Hoover Project was launched by his wife, Winndye Jenkins-Hoover, to advocate for his pardon and argue against his continued imprisonment, believing he deserves a chance to spend his later years outside prison walls.

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