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Jodean Bottom: Bio, Age, Height, Education, Career, Net Worth, Family, Boyfriend, And More


Jodean Base entered the world on February 29, 1964, in Andora, Portugal, where her story entwined with the prestigious Phoenix family. 

She imparts direct relations to her dad, John Lee, and his accomplice, Trinity. 

However, her initial years were shadowed by her dad’s nonattendance, as he escaped Canada to get away from the Vietnam War draft, passing on Jodean to explore youth without him.

 In spite of the void, destiny mediated when her sibling Stream uncovered her reality, touching off a genuine gathering with the Phoenix family.

 Embraced energetically into their middle, Jodean found a feeling of having a place and solace among her well known family members, however she has since decided to carry on with an existence protected from public examination, prizing her security while treasuring the binds that tight spot her to family. 

Through her excursion, Jodean exemplifies strength and an enduring obligation to keeping up with the sacredness of her own space in the midst of the charm of Hollywood’s spotlight.

Who is “Jodean Bottom”?

Jodean Base offers a half-kin bond with the notable entertainers Joaquin and Waterway Phoenix. 

Her process started on February 29, 1964, in Andora, Portugal, making her 58 years of age starting around 2022. 

Her mom is Trinity, the sweetheart of her dad, John Lee. 

Brought into the world in Amadora, Portugal, Jodean’s initial years were set apart by her dad’s nonappearance, as he escaped Canada to stay away from the Vietnam War draft. 

Subsequently, she grew up without his presence in her life. It was only after her sibling Waterway found her reality that she acquired public consideration. 

Jodean’s stepmother, Arlyn Phoenix, is perceived as an American online entertainment extremist and the mother of popular entertainers.

Jodean Bottom Education

Jodean Base’s instructive history isn’t widely recorded openly files. Notwithstanding, her origin was Amadora, Portugal, on February 29, 1964. 

Growing up without her dad, John Lee, who escaped Canada before she was conceived, introduced its own arrangement of difficulties. 

However, a critical shift happened when her stepbrother, Stream Phoenix, rediscovered her, reintegrating her into the Phoenix family circle. 

While particulars about her proper tutoring aren’t generally open, all things considered, Jodean’s childhood and collaborations inside her family assumed a vital part in her self-improvement. 

Keeping a careful and confidential disposition, her instructive excursion stays a private part of her life, shared exclusively with those nearest to her.

Jodean Bottom Age

Jodean Base was brought to the world on February 29, 1964, in Amadora, Portugal, which makes her 58 years of age starting around 2022. 

Brought into the world in this beautiful Portuguese city, Jodean has ventured through existence with encounters particularly molded by her origination. 

In spite of the difficulties she confronted growing up, she has explored her way with flexibility and assurance. 

Today, as she embraces her late fifties, she keeps on encapsulating strength and effortlessness, mirroring the insight acquired from her life’s process.

Jodean Bottom Height

Jodean Base stands at a level of 5 feet 7 inches.

 This height, a mix of polish and presence, has likely went with her through different sections of her life.

 Whether in her confidential minutes or in the midst of a periodic public spotlight, her level fills in as an actual trait that adds to her general persona.

 Standing tall at 5’7″, Jodean holds herself with certainty and balance, exemplifying a presence that deserves consideration and admiration.

Jodean Bottom Personal life

Jodean Base is as of now participated in a calling, albeit the particulars of her occupation stay undisclosed. 

In any case, she is principally perceived for her familial connections to the praised entertainers Joaquin and Stream Phoenix.

 Joaquin Phoenix, eminent as one of the business’ best abilities, has collected approval for his different jobs in both blockbuster hits and non mainstream diamonds. 

A portion of his remarkable exhibitions remember jobs for motion pictures, for example, “Stand by Me,” “Joker,” “Dull Blood,” “Indiana Jones and the Last Campaign,” among others.

 In the mean time, Stream Phoenix, unfortunately no longer with us, was likewise a cherished figure in the diversion world. 

His less than ideal downfall because of a medication glut left a significant effect on the business.

 Notwithstanding the difficulties and misfortunes looked by her kin, Jodean Base keeps on exploring her own way, offsetting her confidential existence with the tradition of her renowned relatives.

Jodean Bottom Family

Jodean Base’s family foundation is firmly entwined with media outlets’ illuminating presences.

 As the half-kin of regarded entertainers Joaquin and the late Waterway Phoenix, her biography is a mix of wins and difficulties. 

Brought into the world in Amadora, Portugal, to John Lee Base and his then-accomplice Trinity, Jodean confronted affliction since the beginning, wrestling with her dad’s nonappearance.

 In any case, destiny mediated when Stream Phoenix found her reality, prompting an endearing gathering with the Phoenix family. 

Embraced with great affection, Jodean tracked down solace and acknowledgment inside her recently discovered family relationship, in any event, carrying her own kid into the overlap.

 Notwithstanding the focus on her renowned kin’s expert achievements and individual lives, Jodean settles on a more confidential way, away from public examination. 

While her family members relax in distinction and achievement, she unobtrusively seeks after her own undertakings, appreciating the bond she imparts to her family regardless of anything else.

Jodean Bottom Career

Jodean Base’s profession direction is covered in secret, with little data accessible to general society. 

Notwithstanding hailing from a group of regarded entertainers, including her half-kin Joaquin and the late Waterway Phoenix, Jodean has settled on a more downplayed presence in media outlets. 

While her kin have blossomed with the cinema, Jodean’s expert process has to a great extent sidestepped public consideration. 

Whether she sought after a profession in diversion like her kin or set out on an alternate way out and out stays muddled.

 Jodean’s tendency towards security and her abhorrence for media consideration have made it hard for pariahs to gather bits of knowledge into her expert interests. 

By and by, she tracks down comfort and backing in her family’s hug, cutting out a day to day existence away from the marvelousness and fabulousness of Hollywood.

Jodean Bottom Net Worth

Offered Jodean’s inclination for a tranquil life from the spotlight, her monetary status stays a secret to the general population. 

While her half-kin, who have made extraordinary progress in the film business, are known to have amassed significant fortunes, Jodean’s own abundance is hard to determine. 

As per sources like Big name Total assets, her stepbrother Joaquin Phoenix brags an expected total assets $60 million.

 Jodean, the tragically missing individual from the distinguished Phoenix family, shares similar dad with her kin.

 Their get-together following quite a while of detachment was without a doubt an inspiring second for the family.

Be that as it may, insights regarding Jodean’s privately invested money or monetary undertakings stay subtle, lining up with her longing for protection.

Jodean Bottom Relationship

Jodean Base stays quiet about her heartfelt life, liking to keep it hidden and protected from public interest. 

Not at all like her half-kin Joaquin and the late Stream Phoenix, who have at times shared looks at their own lives, Jodean stays slippery with regards to issues of the heart.

 Her choice to keep a position of safety and stay away from the spotlight mirrors her craving for security and freedom.

 In spite of her family’s notoriety, Jodean appears to be content carrying on with life according to her own preferences, tracking down satisfaction in her special goals and the caring help of her loved ones.


  1. Jodean Bottom was born on February 29, 1964, in Andora, Portugal.
  2. She is the half-sibling of renowned actors Joaquin and the late River Phoenix.
  3. Jodean’s father, John Lee Bottom, fled Canada before her birth, leaving her to grow up without him.
  4. Her life changed when her brother River Phoenix rediscovered her existence, leading to a reunion with the Phoenix family.
  5. Despite her family’s fame, Jodean prefers to lead a private life away from the public eye.
  6. Jodean’s educational background is not extensively documented, but she likely had experiences that contributed to her personal growth.
  7. Her height is 5 feet 7 inches.
  8. Jodean is involved in a profession, but details about her career remain undisclosed.
  9. While her half-brothers Joaquin and River were successful actors, Jodean maintains a low-key profile.
  10. Her net worth is not publicly known, but her half-brother Joaquin Phoenix has an estimated net worth of $60 million.


Jodean Bottom, born in Portugal in 1964, shares familial ties with Hollywood icons Joaquin and River Phoenix. Despite her father’s absence during her upbringing, Jodean found her way back to her family through her brother River’s discovery. Preferring privacy, she leads a low-key life away from the spotlight, with little known about her career or personal wealth. Jodean’s story reflects resilience, familial bonds, and a commitment to living life on her own terms.


  • What is Jodean Bottom’s age?
  • Jodean Bottom was born on February 29, 1964, making her 58 years old as of 2022.
  • Where was Jodean Bottom born?
  • Jodean Bottom was born in Andora, Portugal.
  • Who are Jodean Bottom’s famous siblings?
  • Jodean Bottom’s half-siblings are actors Joaquin and River Phoenix.
  • What is Jodean Bottom’s height?
  • Jodean Bottom stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches.
  • What is Jodean Bottom’s profession?
  • While Jodean is involved in a profession, specific details about her career are undisclosed.
  • What is Jodean Bottom’s net worth?
  • Jodean Bottom’s net worth is not publicly known, but her half-brother Joaquin Phoenix has an estimated net worth of $60 million.

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