How Lighting Affects Trip and Fall Accidents
How Lighting Affects Trip and Fall Accidents

How Lighting Affects Trip and Fall Accidents

Lighting affects the ability of an individual to see obstacles and other causes of trip and fall accidents. Inadequate lighting may mask tripping hazards present on a property and increase the occurrence of trip and fall accidents. When such accidents happen, a trip and fall lawyer will help victims recover financial compensation from the negligent property owner. Below are the various ways in which lighting affects trip and fall accidents:

Visibility and Hazard Identification

Proper lighting increases the ability of an individual to see and identify potential obstructions or tripping hazards. It increases safety by acting as a preventive measure against trip and fall accidents caused by uneven surfaces and obstacles. Inadequate lighting obscures these uneven surfaces and obstacles and increases the risk of trip and fall accidents. Poor lighting also makes it difficult to see landing areas along staircases and stairwells, leading to someone missing a step. Falls along staircases and stairwells may lead to serious injuries. Property owners have a duty to provide proper lighting to protect visitors and occupiers of their premises from falls.

Contrast and Depth Perception

Adequate lighting allows people to clearly differentiate between different objects and surfaces, increasing their depth of perception. This means that they can see objects well and avoid the risk of misjudgment. Poor lighting will flatten the look of certain objects and make it difficult for people to judge distances and differences in elevation. This may lead to missteps and falls along uneven surfaces, ramps, stairs, and curbs. This may also lead to them running into boxes or items blocking their path.

Glare and Reflections

Excessive glare and reflections from shiny surfaces can cause temporary blindness and make individuals misjudge steps and miss hazards. Reflections can also create misleading visual information, which makes it difficult for people to perceive the environment accurately. This inaccurate perception of the environment increases the likelihood of falls which may lead to serious injuries.

Consistency of Lighting

Inconsistent lighting disrupts an individual’s ability to adjust their vision and increases the risk of trip and fall accidents. The property owner has a duty to keep the lighting in their property uniform and avoid sudden lighting transitions such as flashing lights. This will minimize the risk of trip and fall accidents and enhance the safety of visitors and property owners.

Inadequate Lighting and Legal Liability

Inadequate lighting is sometimes a consequence of design, poor maintenance, or power outages. Restaurants may desire dim lighting to create a specific ambiance. Theaters and casinos may also use low lighting to create their defining atmosphere. When this lighting becomes inadequate and causes a trip and fall accident, it becomes a basis for legal liability. The victim may sue for financial compensation even though the lighting was chosen for design purposes. When inadequate lighting is caused by poor maintenance or unintentional failure, the owner can still be held legally liable. The victim only needs to prove that the lighting was inadequate at the time of the trip and fall accident.

Personal Injury Claims Based on Poor Lighting

The first step in making a claim involves proving that the property owner has a duty of care to visitors and property occupiers. State laws require a level of responsibility from property owners to keep their premises safe for visitors. The victim needs to prove that by failing to provide adequate lighting, the owner breached their duty of care. A victim should also show that the trip and fall accident directly resulted from inadequate lighting conditions. The victim also needs to have incurred damages like financial losses and injuries due to the trip and fall accident. Without proof of damages, the victim may be unable to win compensation even if the accident occurred.

How a Trip and Fall Attorney Will Help

An experienced trip and fall lawyer can help determine the eligibility of your personal injury claim based on poor lighting. They will examine the legal duty in place during the accident to establish whether your case meets the legal requirements. When you qualify for a claim, the lawyer will build the required evidence and work to win favorable compensation.

Seek the Services of a Trip and Fall Lawyer Today

A trip-and-fall lawyer will help you hold negligent property owners and managers accountable for their breach of duty. The lawyer helps you understand your rights and options to seek redress after a trip and fall accident. Contact an experienced trip and fall attorney today and learn how they can help you win compensation after an accident.

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