How A Bicycle Inspired A Great Revolution In The Furniture World

 The discovery of the Cesca chairs is an interesting story of an American Architect, Marcel Breuer, who was inspired by the tubular frame of his bicycle, which he used to ride when he was a student at the Bauhaus School.

This article aims to delve into the world of Cesca chairs, explaining their design, different types, advantages, and what you should consider before getting one.

How Cesca chairs were designed

In 1928, when they were created, Cesca chairs had two outstanding designs which are still evident in the modern Cesca chairs. The design includes; 

  1. Tubular steel frame

This acts as the biggest motivation behind the creation of Cesca chairs. By observing the Tubular steel frame of his bicycle for a long period, the inventor was confident that the cantilevered chrome frame could be adjusted to any length and modified to one’s desired shape. Through this, the inventor used the frame to design the first Cesca chairs that ever existed.

  1. Rattan seat and backing

Cesca chairs were designed with a rattan material at the sitting point and to support the back. The main motivation behind using the material was due to its ability to provide comfort and support.

Different categories of Cesca chairs

Since their invention, Cesca chairs have developed into different varieties which are utilized for different environments and applications. Some of the most common categories are;

  • Armless with cane seat and back

These are Cesca chairs designed without arms and feature rattan material both at the sitting part and for supporting the back. Due to their design, they are ideal for small-spaced environments.

  • Armless with upholstered seat and cane back

These are Cesca chairs covered with an upholstered fabric and without arms to allow free movement.

  • Armchair with cane seat and back

These Cesca chairs are designed to have armrests and a rattan seat and backing to enhance their comfortability.

  • Armchair with upholstered seat and cane back

These Cesca chairs have armrests, are covered with upholstered fabric, and have a rattan seat and backing making them very comfortable to sit on even for long hours.

  • Cesca bar stools

These are Cesca chairs designed with a cantilevered design and rattan material to provide comfort. Due to their designs, they are mostly used in bars and counters.

Advantages of Cesca chairs

Cesca chairs are recognized for the impact that they brought to the furniture world. Even though the industry has produced a wide variety of chairs using different materials, Cesca chairs are the most sought-after. Some of the things that have set them apart include;

  • Flexibility

Due to their designs, Cesca chairs can be customized into different shapes depending on your needs and preferences. For instance, some chairs are designed with upholstered design while others are designed to be armless. 

  • Strength

The compounding of tubular steel and locally hand-woven rattan creates a chair that cannot easily break. Due to their durable nature, most people prefer purchasing them.

  • Great comfort

The cantilevered chrome frame provides the user with an experience of comfort. In addition, some Cesca chairs are covered with upholstered fabric which enables them to be very comfortable for use for long periods of time.

  • Space optimization

The design of the chairs enables them to optimize space and encourages their use in small rooms. A good example of this is the armless Cesca chair.

  • Aesthetic value

Cesca chairs give your space a unique and modern touch of elegance.

What you should consider before getting a Cesca chair

Outlined below are the factors that you should consider before getting a Cesca chair;

  • Your intended use of the chair
  • The amount of space available in your house or business premise
  • Your budget for the said chair
  • Getting a licensed and experienced dealer
  • Client reviews of the chairs and the dealers
  • Getting a dealer that is easily accessible 
  • Whether the dealer offers maintenance services 
  • Aftercare services offered by the dealer


Isn’t it amazing a single invention has brought so much impact on the furniture world? The invention and continuous use of Cesca chairs prove how instrumental they are in our daily lives. By carefully going through this article, you are ensured to be well-equipped with the knowledge of Cesca chairs, and who knows! Maybe get convinced to purchase one for your space.

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