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Harlan Mandel: Biography, Wiki, Education, Age, Height, Weight, Career, Net Worth & Others


George A. Wiley, an American civil rights leader, was deeply engaged in human rights causes as early as the 1960s. Little did he anticipate that his daughter, Maya Wiley, would follow in his footsteps. This might partly stem from the fact that she would grow up in a racially intolerant America, compounded by the additional challenge of being a woman. Perhaps he never foresaw how swiftly the seeds of his struggle, and those of numerous other civil rights pioneers like Martin Luther King Jr., would bear fruit.

Curious about why and how? This narrative unveils the remarkable ascent of Maya Wiley, a black woman who has attained significant influence in an America historically less than welcoming to people of color. Her trajectory stands as a testament to the American dream. Wiley is a highly regarded scholar, legal analyst, and civil rights activist, occupying positions of influence uncommon for a black woman, let alone any woman. She is the visionary behind the Center for Social Inclusion, serving as its founder and current President. This national organization is dedicated to merging public policy research with grassroots advocacy to dismantle structural racial inequality and foster a landscape of fairness and inclusion. Let’s delve deeper into her story.

Harlan Mandel Biography

Harlan Mandel, a native of the United States, entered the world on January 2, 1964, making him 57 years old as of 2021. He is married, with his spouse’s name being Harlan Mandel. Mandel holds the position of CEO at the Media Development Investment Fund.Raised in an American household, Mandel’s parents remain unidentified. He is a parent himself, with two children named Naja Wiley Mandel and Kai Wiley Mandel, along with Nathan and Jason.

Harlan Mandel Wiki

Full NameHarlan Mandel
Nick NameHarlan Mandel
ProfessionMedia Development Investment Fund (MDIF)
Spouse NameHarlan Mandel
Date of BirthJanuary 2, 1964
Age57 years
Zodiac SignNot Known
Birth PlaceUnited States
ResidenceUnited States
EthnicityNot Known
ParentsFather- Not Known
Mother- Not Known
SiblingsNot Known
Alma MaterColumbia University
Height6 Feet
Weight84 kg

Harlan Mandel Education

Harlan Mandel attended Dartmouth College for his undergraduate education and Columbia University for his graduate studies. He holds American identity and distinguishes ethnically as white. While his instructive and social foundation is clear, his zodiac sign remaining parts undisclosed.

Harlan Mandel Age, Height & Weight

As of 2021, Harlan Mandel is 57 years old, standing at a height of 6 feet and weighing 84 kg.

Harlan Mandel Career

Maya Wiley has left on a recognized profession set apart by various critical scholar and counseling jobs, strikingly as a promoter for racial and computerized equity. Her process incorporates effective situations at regarded associations like the NAACP (Public Relationship for the Headway of Minorities Individuals) Asset for Lawful Safeguard and Instruction, the American Common Freedoms Association, and the Open Society Organization. Ultimately, she expected the job of Boss Legitimate Counsel to New York City’s 109th Chairman, Bill de Blasio. Wiley focused on increasing support for minority- and women-owned businesses in the city, promoting civil and human rights, gender equality, and expanding affordable broadband access during her time in de Blasio’s administration.

While speculation surrounded her potential presidency at the NAACP in 2014, the nomination ultimately went to attorney and activist Cornell William Brooks. Wiley also chaired the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) in New York, an independent agency overseeing law enforcement practices. In 2016, she assumed the role of Senior Vice President of Social Justice at The New School and was appointed the Henry Cohen Professor of Public Policy and Urban Policy at the Milano School of Politics, Management, and the Environment.

Notwithstanding her job as a Legitimate Investigator for NBC News, Wiley is an ordinary supporter of regarded distributions like Time Magazine, The Watchman, and Essence.com. She joined MSNBC as a Legal Analyst in August 2018, where she currently works.

In 2002, Wiley founded the Center for Social Inclusion (CSI), a national policy organization dedicated to addressing structural racism. CSI initially operated from Wiley’s home, with seed funding of $75,000 from the Open Society Institute as a Tides Center project. Alongside her colleague Jocelyn Sargent, a political scientist, Wiley launched CSI in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, aiming to develop political strategies supporting inclusive solutions in a city grappling with devastation.

Harlan Mandel Net Worth

Maya Wiley’s activism has predominantly been associated with non-profit work, yet her dedication has led to several lucrative appointments, including her recent role as Legal Counsel for MSNBC. Reports suggest that a legal analyst at MSNBC earns a median annual income of $83,377. As of a 2019 estimate, Wiley’s net worth is approximately $1 million.

Harlan Mandel Personal Life

Maya Wiley is joyfully hitched to her long-lasting companion, Harlan Mandel, who stands firm on the footing of CEO at the Media Improvement Venture Asset (MDIF). While insights concerning her life before marriage, including their commitment, wedding date, and area, are generally scant. Their association has been honored with two little girls, named Kai Wiley-Mandel and Naja Wiley-Mandel. Wiley’s web-based entertainment accounts act as an essential stage for fans to interface with her and catch looks at her own life. The family as of now lives in Brooklyn, New York City, where they share their home with two felines named Maxie and Romeo.

Harlan Mandel Family

Harlan Mandel is happily married to Maya Wiley, who is an American professor, lawyer, and civil rights activist. The couple shares two children, Naja Wiley Mandel and Kai Wiley Mande. While Mandel hasn’t disclosed further details about his family, we’ll provide updates here as more information becomes available.

Mandel was born and raised in an American family, although specific details about his parents remain unknown at this time. We’re currently searching for additional information, and we’ll update his profile accordingly once we find more details about his family background.

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Unique Facts about Harlan Mandel:

Educational Journey: Harlan Mandel embarked on his academic journey at Dartmouth College for his undergraduate studies, later continuing his pursuit of knowledge at Columbia University for his graduate studies, showcasing his dedication to scholarly pursuits.

Dynamic Identity: Mandel, known for his role as CEO at the Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF), is recognized not only for his professional endeavors but also for his supportive role as the spouse of Maya Wiley, a prominent civil rights activist, illustrating his multifaceted identity.

Family Man: Beyond his professional accomplishments, Mandel’s commitment to family shines through, as he shares his life with Maya Wiley and their two daughters, Naja Wiley Mandel and Kai Wiley Mandel, fostering a loving and supportive home environment.

Contribution to Media: As the CEO of MDIF, Mandel plays a pivotal role in advancing media development initiatives, contributing to the growth and sustainability of media outlets worldwide, demonstrating his impact on global communication landscapes.

Height of Accomplishments: Standing tall at 6 feet, Mandel not only commands attention physically but also intellectually, as evidenced by his successful career trajectory and contributions to the field of media development.


Harlan Mandel, the Chief of the Media Improvement Speculation Asset (MDIF), encapsulates a remarkable mix of expert greatness and individual satisfaction. With a solid instructive establishment from Dartmouth School and Columbia College, Mandel has ascended to conspicuousness in the media business, driving drives that help free news sources around the world. Past his expert accomplishments, Mandel’s obligation to family is clear in his union with Maya Wiley, a recognized social equality dissident, and their sustaining of two little girls. Mandel’s administration at MDIF adds to the advancement of media opportunity and maintainability, mirroring his devotion to encouraging popularity based talk and progressing worldwide correspondence scenes.


Who is Harlan Mandel?

Harlan Mandel is the CEO of the Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF), a prominent figure in the media industry known for his contributions to media development initiatives.

What is Harlan Mandel’s educational background?

Mandel attended Dartmouth College for his undergraduate studies and pursued his graduate studies at Columbia University, reflecting his commitment to academic excellence.

What is the Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF)?

MDIF is an organization focused on supporting independent media outlets worldwide, providing financing and technical assistance to promote media freedom and sustainability.

Who is Harlan Mandel married to?

Mandel is married to Maya Wiley, a renowned professor, lawyer, and civil rights activist, known for her advocacy work in promoting racial and social justice.

How many children does Harlan Mandel have?

Mandel and Maya Wiley have two daughters named Naja Wiley Mandel and Kai Wiley Mandel, indicating a strong family bond alongside their professional endeavors.

What is the significance of Harlan Mandel’s role as CEO of MDIF?

As CEO of MDIF, Mandel oversees initiatives that support independent media outlets, contributing to the diversity of voices and fostering democratic discourse globally.

What are some notable achievements of Harlan Mandel?

Mandel’s leadership at MDIF has led to advancements in media development, empowering journalists and media organizations to uphold journalistic standards and promote press freedom.

Where does Harlan Mandel reside?

Mandel resides in the United States, sharing a home with his family in Brooklyn, New York City, where they maintain a harmonious domestic life.

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