DTF Printing: An Innovative Solution for Startup Merchandising

Selecting a trustworthy supplier is essential for startups investigating DTF printing. An experienced DTF printer manufacturer from China. DTFLinko.com provides free consultations and continuous support to ensure your business succeeds.

Who wouldn’t love the advantage of being able to instantly transfer designs onto a variety of surfaces. Such as clothing or promotional goods? Let’s examine every aspect of DTF printing, from its fundamentals to its cutting-edge methods.

What aspects of a DTF printer should a startup take into account?

When choosing a DTF printer, entrepreneurs should consider the following important factors:

  • Printer Dimensions: The format of the customized prints. You can create depending on the printer’s dimensions. There are two sizes available on the mainstream market. 12 inches or 24 inches, and this feature cannot be upgraded later.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Finding the best deal possible is essential for new businesses. A decent starting point is a fair price plus consistent service support.
  • Long-Term Assistance with DTF Printing Supplies and Replacement Parts. Print quality is significantly influenced by consumables & spare parts. In addition to the printer itself, stable long-term support is essential.
  • Operational training and DTF printing guidance. Having support for training can help avoid a lot of problems and expedite the printing process.
  • Printer Warranty & Stable Technical Support. For easy use and upkeep, make sure your printer has a warranty & dependable technical support.

Top Two DTF Printers for New Businesses

A3 DTF Printer Epson-i1600 Dual Head Linko L402

Features of the Product:

  • Set up the Epson i1600 dual-head printer for fast printing Auctane ShipStation.
  • LED lights, touchscreen control, and arc heating platforms on the front and rear are included.
  • Ideal for 33CM PET thermal printing in its largest format.

24″ DTF Printer Epson i3200 Dual Head Linko A602

Features of the Product:

  • Economical, intelligent, and efficient is the three-in-one Advance (competitive) Department of Transportation 60cm Printer and Shaker Solution.
  • equipped with an automatic powder shaker that uses less material. And has an automated powder recycling system, saving labor expenses.

Two DTF printers that are great for new businesses are the Linko L402 & Linko A602. They offer a wide range of features, are reasonably priced, and print well. These two goods are made in China and are very reasonably priced. View products because they are consequently the greatest choice.

Market Situation for DTF Printing

The market has been quickly disrupted by DTF (Direct-to-Film) printing. Because of its exceptional product quality, cost-effectiveness, and versatility. Its cutting-edge printing process has proven to be a major advantage over conventional methods. Particularly in satisfying the rising demand for elaborate and personalized designs. 

DTF printing, in contrast to traditional techniques, is perfect for specialized items. And personalized clothing because it can accommodate intricate and detailed designs. Its versatility in printing on white and dark clothing. Further broadens its applications and meets a variety of consumer demands. DTF printing is changing the custom printing market and gaining popularity. Among clothing manufacturers and printing companies thanks to its steady growth.

The digital textile printing market is expected to grow from its current valuation of US$ 2,714.5 million to an estimated US$ 1.7 billion by 2026. To find the ideal fit for your company, see their guide on the most suitable DTF printer for startups. 

Advantages of Printing DTF 

In the textile industry, direct-to-fabric (DTF) printing is a popular option due to its many advantages. The following are some main benefits of DTF printing:

  • Appropriate for a wide range of materials, such as blends, cotton, polyester, and silk. 
  • Offers vivid, high-resolution prints with minute details.
  • Makes it simple to customize designs. 
  • Gives prints a softer feel than conventional screen printing. Which makes them more comfortable to wear—especially on clothing items. The effect is smooth because it appears as though the ink is absorbed into the fabric.
  • Provides comparatively quick turnaround times for production. 
  • For short runs, DTF printing is more affordable than traditional printing techniques, which call for a large setup.
  • DTF prints have good wash fastness and durability when correctly cured and post-processed.
  • Can, depending on the kind of ink used, be environmentally friendly. Compared to solvent inks used in traditional printing techniques. Some DTF inks are water-based and environmentally friendly. Meaning they have a smaller environmental impact.
  • Has no restrictions on how many colors can be used in a design. 
  • Reduces ink and material waste by giving you exact control over how much ink is used on each print job.


DTF printing is the show-stopper of today. Because it offers a rapid and affordable method of printing intricate designs on a variety of fabrics. To fully benefit from DTF printing, though. One must approach the process with the appropriate tools, knowledge, and abilities.

The key to a successful DTF printing business is investing in high-quality equipment. Knowing the subtleties of fabric & ink compatibility, and offering first-rate customer service. Prioritise printer size, dependable supply of high-quality consumablesand affordable price. Thorough training, and post-purchase assistance when choosing a DTF printer. 

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