Travertine Tile
Travertine Tile

8 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Travertine Tile Colour for Your Home

With their natural beauty and timeless appeal, travertine tiles have the power to elevate any space. But with a spectrum of colours to choose from, selecting the perfect shade can feel overwhelming. 

Allow us to show you what you need to consider when looking for travertine tiles for sale, focusing on the ideal colour. Take note of these eight tips:

1. Considering the Space

The room’s size and function play a crucial role. Light-coloured travertine tiles, such as ivory or beige, open up small spaces and create a feeling of airiness. In larger rooms, use darker tones like walnut or mocha to add depth and drama.

2. Match the Mood

Think about your desired atmosphere. For a serene bathroom retreat, opt for calming colours like silver or white travertine. In a high-traffic kitchen, consider a more practical option like classic beige or a slightly darker shade that hides imperfections better.

3. Play with Light

Natural light has a significant impact on how colour is perceived. Rooms with abundant sunlight can handle cooler tones like silver or grey travertine. Conversely, rooms with limited natural light might benefit from warmer colours like ivory or gold to create a brighter feel.

4. Complementing Your Design Style

Travertine’s versatility allows it to complement various design styles. For example, classic beige or ivory travertine pairs beautifully with traditional settings. Modern spaces can be accentuated with bolder choices like walnut or silver travertine. Think of your overall design theme and choose a colour that harmonises with your existing décor.

5. Harmonise

Look beyond the tile itself. Think how the travertine colour will interact with other elements in the room. Consider your cabinetry, countertops and wall paint. You can opt for complementary colours that create a cohesive look and avoid clashing tones.

6. Sample It First

Travertine’s natural variations ensure each tile is unique. But don’t rely solely on online photos. Visit a reputable tile store like Elegance Tiles and request samples. Lay them out in the intended space to see how the colour interacts with the lighting and existing décor.

7. Go Beyond the Basics

Travertine offers more than just solid colours. Consider textured finishes like honed travertine, which adds a rustic charm. Mosaic tiles in various colours can create stunning accent features. Explore these options to add visual interest and personality to your space.

8. Find Inspiration

Sometimes, the best way to choose a colour is to see it in action. Browse online galleries and design magazines for inspiration. Look for projects that resonate with your personal style and observe how travertine is used to create stunning spaces.

Looking for Travertine Tiles for Sale?

If you’re not too confident about what colour or colours to choose, it’s always best to seek advice from an experienced professional. Contact reliable stores like Elegance Tiles and have someone help you discover the ideal shade to transform your home. Ultimately, though, the best colour is one that speaks to you and complements your unique style.

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