Doggy Daycare Facility
Doggy Daycare Facility

5 Questions To Ask Your Doggy Daycare Facility

Dogs are social animals and need routine exercises. A doggy daycare can provide a solution if you have an unpredictable schedule or are unable to manage it yourself. In this facility, your pet will be able to play, exercise, and socialize with other dogs. Here are five questions to ask your chosen daycare facility before enrolling your dog:

1. What Are Your Staff’s Qualifications and Experience?

Check whether the daycare center you select has enough trained professionals who are experienced working with pets like yours. You may need to know how qualified they are in terms of handling the specific needs of your furry friend. It would be good if they were knowledgeable about dog behaviors and general safety precautions. Inquire if these individuals have any background information about CPR techniques designed for dogs. The right daycare facility for your dog will have staff that have updated professional certifications in all these areas.

You can also ask about the staff’s proficiency and experience in animal first aid. Good facilities will have staff who underwent thorough training in animal first aid. Find out if they can respond effectively to injuries and health issues based on their past experiences. Check if they engage in continuous education programs and certifications that can enhance their care skills. A facility where employees are committed to ongoing training shows its commitment to keeping ahead of the latest developments in pet care.

2. How Many Dogs Do You Assign to One Staff Member?

Ask about the number of dogs that will be given to one staff member at any given time. This will help to know how much attention your dog will receive. It will also indicate whether the dog will be safe when left at the center. If the doggy daycare is fully staffed, it means that they can take care of many dogs, providing enough care for each.

3. What Is Your Policy on Vaccination and Health Checks?

Before admitting your dog for grooming or any other service, find out what types of shots they need to have. Any good boarding kennel will require that all dogs be current on rabies, parvovirus, distemper, Bordetella (kennel cough), and hepatitis vaccinations. Ask about flea/tick control policies and their enforcement. If a facility has very strict rules regarding this area, then it might be the right place for your pet.
Inquire how they handle sick or injured animals at the premises. Ask whether they will call you in case of an emergency involving your dog. 

4. What Is Your Daily Routine and Activities?

Before admitting your pet to the facility, ask about the daily schedule such as meals, playtime, and rest. This will help you know the activities available and if they will work well for your pet. Inquire about the methods the kennel employs to keep the dogs busy. Avoid centers that will keep your dog cooped up most of the day.

5. How Do You Group Dogs?

Find out the criteria that the daycare facility uses to group the dogs that are brought in for care. This will help you determine how safe your pet will be while interacting with others at the facility. A good daycare facility will have various groups based on size, age, temperament, and energy levels, among others. Check if the staff appreciates and acknowledges the individuality of pets. This will help you understand how your dog’s welfare and safety will be handled.

Discover the Right Doggy Daycare for Your Pet

Answering these questions will allow you to make good choices for your dog’s care. Choose a doggy daycare that has the right facilities for your dog. Check out your local daycares today and enroll your dog for quality care and to keep it happy while you are away from home.

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